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Uma Ayelet Furman & Deej Juventin

Deej and Uma love creating spaces that are rich in learning, inclusive and safe. Their work is warm, accessible, and full of love and passion. They are highly motivated to expand quality somatic learning programs across the planet, and bring together sex positive communities. They are international leaders in the field of embodiment and somatic education, having founded the Institute of Somatic Sexology, and being founding members of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia. Their practitioner training programs include the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork and Certificate in Somatic Sex Education which they teach internationally. Their next international training are in Hawaii and Israel. www.instituteofsomaticsexology.com

Sarah Koenig & Pedro Aybar

Sarah Koenig aka. SAKO is a holistic somatic practitioner, alternative medicine witch and Play and Movement facilitator. Her focus lays on the usage of somatic tools to shape communication and connection. She is part of the Pirate Tantrics and the founder of Project Playground.

Pedro Aybar was initiated into an ancient tantric tradition that simply popped his cork and has been on tantric skid-row ever since. His trip is the study of Life as a dance; the game of making every mundane moment extraordinary; the joy of being one with It, with you, with everything. Pedro’s secret identity is Captain Pipi Spielhand of the Pirate Tantrics.

Rocio Marano & Lea Kieffer

Los† Ninjas are two pseudo-ninjas based in Berlin who maintain a symbiotic partnership through five years of working closely together. Their practice is characterized by a raw physicality, a lust for storytelling and a DIY attitude. They have performed, shared workshops and toured in Europe and internationally.
This time, they will combine their current individual research in one somatic journey.
IG: @ninjaslost @obstundkatze @lk.leakieffer

Pauline Payen

Pauline, Agnès a.k.a Nghiêm, Yannie, Payen (or PAYP) born in Paris in 1984, ate a spider age 2. She works at the crossing of dance, performance, chanson and clowning. Pauline is particularly interested in paradoxes, voices, faces, powers, shadows, chewing gums, dreams, attitudes, loops, slippery things, death, sound, poetry, theatricality, magic, social stereotypes, personas, and other ghosts. www.paulinepayen.net

Nico Castellanos & Mihai Chira

Nico Castellanos. I’m a sex therapist based in Barcelona with a background on sex studies, sexological bodywork, shiatsu, partner dance, theatre and art. I have been creating, for a few years now, play grounds to explore different aspects of our sexuality, focusing on creativity, listening, desire, body, kink and space. I have been invited to show my work in festivals such as Xplore, Erosphere, Agni spirit. For more information check: www.nicocatellanos.es or IG: nicocastellanos.es
Mihai Chira. In my work I focus on the creation of ephemeral enchanted spaces where participants can experience abstract values and concepts in an embodied, immediate way. I've explored themes like relating patterns, the embodiment of emotions, our relationships with our bodies, the practice of consent and creation of consent cultures, facets of sex and intimacy. I call home a few communities gathered around non monogamy, feminism and sex positivity, where I also organize workshops and events.

Matthias Graefen

As a keen runner, I was experiencing increasing pain during workouts. I was desperate to find a solution and stumbled upon the Alexander Technique thanks to a recommendation. After my first session, I could already sense that the Technique had incredible potential. The more I learned, the freer I became – physically and, as a result, mentally. These discoveries I share with my pupils for more than 20 years now.

Liselotte Singer & Dasha Sedova

Dasha and Liselotte first met during the SMASH (now ROAR) program in Berlin in 2016. Ever since they have been working together researching and teaching hands-on practices into dance improvisation, under the project name HANDS-IN. In their respective work, Dasha is focusing on possibilities of movement in urban spaces and ecstatic practices while Liselotte is bringing the HANDS IN research into an academic context and working collaboratively on performance projects.

Katja Münker

Katja Münker is a Dancer/ Choreographer/ Researcher/ Feldenkrais Practitioner Trained as physiotherapist, studies in contemporary dance, (contact-) improvisation and instant composition. Long-term experience in somatic practices, professionally trained in Feldenkrais Method. Artistic works and research with the focus on the connection between somatic and choreographic practices as well as on walking and environmental relatedness. Regular teaching, lecturing, publications, and contributing work and curation for congresses. Collaboration with AREAL_artistic research lab Berlin, director of #EnvironmentalSomaticsTraining and co-director of trainings at #SomatischeAkademieBerlin. www.movement-muenker.de

Kai Evans

Kai Evans is a poet and dancer based in Berlin. She would like to cite The Coven Press, a writing and dancing collective of which she is a part, born out of the choreographer Eleanor Bauer’s research, in coining the term “sensual journalism” - to be exact, it was coined by Coven Press Janitor, Jacob Sander Gemini Samuelsson Jr. To find out more about Kai, visit www.kai-evans.com www.poem-library.com

Julian Weber & Lyllie Rouvière

Lyllie Rouvière is a performer/choreographer, graduated in architecture. Her work is located at the nexus of spatialities and bodies.
Julian Weber is a choreographer/sculptur and set designer. He works on spaces of interactions involving body, material and movement.

Juan Felipe Amaya González & Jan Rozman

Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez is a Colombian performance artist based in Berlin and working in the fields of dance, choreography, and visual arts. His works can be traced in the convergence of interdisciplinary practices and unexpected encounters, dealing with speculations about time, individuals, and environments.

Jan Rozman is a freelance dancer, choreographer, performer and performance maker based between Ljubljana and Berlin. He is interested in and in his artistic practice engaged with notions of extended bodies, material semiotics, gaps, errors & confusions, ecology, imagination, (science) fiction and humor in a search of relevant performative articulations for the post-internet / anthropocene era.

Juan Arata

Juan Arata (*1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a multimedia artist. His research and work is most centred in history, language, religion, mythology and anthropological imagery as well as in its most outstanding makers, because of what they represent as inflector vectors of repetition. Throughout his artworks, Arata studies the different paradigms that shaped our actual state of mind and its consequent life structure.

Deva Schubert & Ailin Formia

Deva Schubert is a dancer and choreographer artist based in Berlin. In her work she deals with intimacy and the dynamics of interaction as a performative means in a broader spectrum that combines installations, digital media, AI and performances with dance and voice. Moving between fine Arts and dance. Since 2019 she is an artist member of the Creative Europe project Moving Digits. http://devaschubert.com

Ailin Formia is an artist whose career started in the realms of film and dance and later grew into and through diverse projects that involved performance, theater, fine arts, VR and video installations. She is interested in multidisciplinary collaborations where established techniques and the artists’ role are challenged, deconstructed and refreshed.


As a cultural theorist Beata inquires about kinky practices for their peculiar qualities and as a part of Luhmen D’arc she creates play spaces exploring inventive intimacy, bodacious bodywork & experimental encounters. www.luhmendarc.com

Ayo Gry & Sara Lina

Sara Lina is a Berlin based conscious sex educator, bodyworker and bdsm-practicioner with a passion for crochet. Weaving together her background in performing arts, academia and peacework, she loves to create spaces in which to explore curiosities of body and sexuality, art and community.

Ayo Gry is a pansexual nonbinary transperson who lives in Berlin, born in Denmark. Ayo is a Sexological Bodyworker and student of Mind/Body Therapy. They is co-founder of Skinship_Berlin where they facilitate embodied healing spaces with the beliefs in cultivating the sense of belonging and interconnectedness as a path for healing and growth. www.touchedbodywork.com

Anna Natt

Anna Natt is a choreographer and educator with a background in flamenco. In order to cultivate a deeper understanding of the body and its nuances, she draws inspiration from somatic and contemporary practices. Her performances and interactive spaces explore metamorphosis and transformation. A connection to trance and dream states is also a central theme in her work.

Andreas Demmel

Through many years of experience and training in various systemic, somatic and shamanic methods and breathwork he created his own systemic-somatic approach. He offers extensive experience working with topics of Love, Sex, Relationships and sexual trauma. He also has a particular expertise in the healing accessible by altered/holotropic states of consciousness. www.systembewegungen.de

Ale Karasik

I'm Ale, pronouns he/him. At the present, what fills me with enthusiasm is working with consciousness to include body, emotions and sexuality into our lives. This is both a personal and collective path for me. My intention is to bring the focus of a more empowered and embodied sexuality into the larger community; through means of giving sessions to individuals or couples, facilitating group workshops and organizing festivals such as this one. www.sexualityandsomatics.club