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DANCE&SEXUALITY&SOMA MEET is both an online festival and a workshop series that will take place through a series of group video call events in order to include the at-risk population.

DANCE&SEXUALITY&SOMA MEET is a platform for exploring and expanding the congregational aspect of human nature - during the COVID-19 pandemic. During its 10-day duration, the following questions will guide us: What is the congregational quality of gathering together that makes human life biologically and emotionally sustainable? How are new ways of engagement, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting our mammalian selves? We want to expand these questions through three axes of interest: Dance, Sexuality, and Soma. All three are integral to human encounter. As such, by coming together to reflect on them, we are already creating some closeness.

Through the axis of Dance, we explore different ways of making and sensing meaning. At a time when many things have lost their usual meaning, our goal is to practice new forms of movement in the new situation in which we find ourselves.

Through the axis of Sexuality, we inquire about pleasure. How can we re-establish the emotional and physical co- and self-regulation of intimacy, in a time of little to no body-to-body contact?

Through the axis of the Soma we arrive in connection with the perceptual and acting self. This topic reminds us that we are not just a "body-for-disease", or a “body-to-be-locked -down”. We expand the question of what these bodies can do, feel and share.

Each one of these three axes will touch on co-presence, shared mourning, community and celebration!

The first edition of DANCE&SEXUALITY&SOMA MEET, SLOW SWEAT is an independent initiative of SEXUALIDAD&SOMATICAS by Ale Karasik and colleagues. The intention of this edition is to nourish the contemporary dance, sex positive and somatic cultures of Berlin during COVID, and to also extend this invitation to the community beyond Berlin, around the world.

All the best from Buenos Aires! Ale Karasik (Artistic Director - Sexualidad & Somaticas) & the amazing Production and Design Team

DANCE&SEXUALITY&SOMA MEET was made possible with the support of the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.


Ale Karasik.
Festival Director

I have a great interest in Dance, Somatic Techniques and Sexuality, and how they come together. I am the founder of Sexuality&Somatics and co-founder of Project Playground. I worked for eight years as an editor and member of the production team for the festivals and congresses initiated by the Department of Movement of the National University of Arts. I have given workshops around the topics of Creation and Improvisation in Dance and Sexuality internationally, including in Germany, Argentina, Chile, Cuba and Denmark. In addition, I have created dance works presented in Berlin and Buenos Aires, and participated in the performance experiences of renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic, Jérôme Bel, Xavier Le Roy, Loïc Touzé, Julian Weber, Eugenia Estévez, Guillermo Angelelli and Luis Garay. With an undergraduate degree in Choreographic Composition from the National University of Arts (Argentina), and an M.A. in Solo/Dance/Authorship from the HZT Berlin, I am also certified in Sexological Bodywork and am currently taking part in the Feldenkrais Method professional training.

Camila Malenchini.
Graphic & web designer / Production Team

She is a contemporary artist from Argentina based in Berlin since 2017. Her practice crosses diverse media, from choreography and sculpture to digital media and curating. She does her own choreographic, performative and objectual work; she also makes web pages and other 2.0 survival activities. She is interested in editorial work and in platforms for dialog and exchange in the arts and dance. She recently completed her studies in “Dance, Context and Choregraphy” at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT Berlin). Previously she studied Arts at the Buenos Aires Arts University; dance at arteXXI and did an Artist program at CIA (Center for Artistic Investigations).She has worked as a performer and collaborator with Ana Laura Lozza and Barbara Hang, Nicolas Roses, Fabiana Capriotti, Alina Folini, among others. She is part of the project and festival for performance and dance Arqueologias del Futuro, where she co-leads since 2014 the trandisciplinary editorial team Catarata de Escritura and the Archivo del Futuro. She develops the editorial and residence project with Ben Van Buren.

Méroe Anam-Rwh
Production Team

is in the process of being grounded in sharing and receiving new experiences through organising collective events such as the Burren Rewilding Project, Project Playground, and the Walk of Care. Keen to improve her organisational skills she will collaborate with tasks such as editing, proofreading, checking-in, and showing up for anything needed; although she is originally a Skywalker and mystical being.
In her free time, Méroe investigates the ever shifting ground of stage. She examins with curiosity how meta-reality and fundamentals of epigenetics crash, collide, coalesce and crumble.